Контрольная работа по Английскому языку

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Контрольная работа по Английскому языку

Задание 1

Определите форму и функцию причастия и переведите предложение на русский язык:

1. Should you have any specific questions concerning the packing?

2. We receive payment in accordance with the delivery schedule noted above.

3. Having completed all this equipment we are not able to ship it in time stipulated under the contract.

4. If needed the payment can be done in cash.

5. It's a document giving the bank the legal right to claim the goods.

6.  Being trained abroad the specialists should learn the American business and their ability

to trade.

Задание 2

Выберите предложения с независимым причастным оборотом и переведите их на русский язык:

1. Successful businessmen know very well, that being honest is not only decent, but very profitable.

2. The letter of December, 22 being not correctly interpreted by you, we'd like to clarify the matter.

3. This Contract is signed in duplicate, each one being written in Russian and English.

4. General Manager introduced himself, handling the visiting card.


Задание 3

Определите функцию герундия и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. We believe that the responsibility for making any insurance claim lies with you.

2. The reason for making a decision is that a problem exists.

4. "After-sales service" as a rule consists in improving the machine.

5. The period of guarantee begins from the date of putting the machine into operation.

Задание 4

Выберите предложения с герундиальным оборотом и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. We regret of our having had no occasion of informing you of our decision.

2. The Company undertakes the aim of promoting mutual trade.

3.  Hard currency is defined as one being reliable and stable.

4. We must have a really common currency unit for our trading community.

5. The Company Secretary being a highly qualified specialist helps to do business with foreign customers.

6. We know of his newly developing company.


Задание 5

Определите форму и функцию инфинитива и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. The advantages to be gained by having heavy machinery have been evident in our recent sale.

2. A special advertising campaign was run to give extra sales support.

3. After the Contract had started to be executed the Seller was ready for inspection and testing.

4. To notify you of the serious delays, we've sent you a letter.

5.  To correct the detected deffects is the Seller's duty.


Задание 6

1. We assume a sales agent to come as an intermediary between the Principal and the Customer.

2. Our Company wants the Buyer to waive the inspection of the goods.

3. We expect your business representative to arrive in July.

4. The manager considers the appointment to be made timely.

5. The foreign businessmen watched the new plant put into operation.


Задание 7

Подчеркните субъектный инфинитивный оборот и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. The demand for your goods is certain to increase.

2. The responsibility for insurance is supposed to lie with both Companies.

3. Our representatives are sure to come in March.

4. The shipment is said to be made in time.

5. The inspectors happened to have come 2 days later.


Задание 8

Подчеркните сказуемое в сослагательном наклонении и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. The structure of the business letter requires that its body be divided into some paragraphs.

2. He demanded that the Contract should be signed.

3. They suggested that the Fair be held in Moscow this autumn.

4. He wished he could be appointed the Sales Manager.


Задание 9

Подчеркните сказуемое в условных предложениях, определите тип условия и переведите предложения на русский язык:

1. Had you sent us the samples in time we could have started our tests a week ago.

2. If you increased the order they would reduce the price.

3.  If the rights and liability of the foreign partner are not verified, the contract may turn to be null.

4. If the arbitrator had not been able to fulfil his duties a new one should have been appointed within 30 days.

5. They would have delivered the spare parts in time provided they had received your letter.


Задание 10

Определите, какие элементы делового письма присутствуют в приведенном ниже тексте. Укажите их в том порядке, в котором они встречаются в тексте письма:

например: 1 —


3- и т.д. Переведите письменно текст письма на русский язык:

Prodintorg                                                Liverpool, April 15th, 19... Moscow

Contract No. 146. Caviar

In confirmation of our telephone conversation with your Mr. P. of April 10 we wish to inform you that the first cargo of Caviar in tins against contract No. 146 was duly received by us.

However, upon unpacking the boxes we found that 50 tins were missing. Furthermore, we discovered that 200 tins contained Osetrova Caviar instead of Beluga Caviar.

We have to admit that these facts caused much concern and put us in an awkward position since our clients are interested in Beluga Caviar only and were reluctant to have it replaced by Osetrova Caviar.

When drawing up and signing the contract we particularly pointed out that the assortment of Caviar should be in strict conformity with the specifications attached to the order. We, therefore, shall be pleased to know how you intend to settle the matter.

Задание 11

Прочитайте и переведите письменно весь текст делового письма на русский язык, перепишите 2 абзац и подчеркните в нем все встретившиеся формы герундия:

27th August, 19 ... Messrs. Brown & Carter,

London Dear Sirs,

We have received serious complaints from our customers in ... with regard to the bales of Cotton Wastes supplied by you under Contract 19/14. They find the bulk of the goods (i. e. 12 bales) does not conform to the samples submitted, therefore they were forced to suspend production and are now sustaining heavy losses.

You will understand that you have infringed the Contract by delivering the goods of inferior quality and consequently you are to compensate our Customers for their losses by granting them a 7% allowance off the contract value. Otherwise we may have to cancel the Contract and refer the matter to Arbitration.

We are sending you by separate mail a sample of the Cotton Wastes with the Quality Certificate issued by our laboratory.

Our Mr. Panin in London is authorized to discuss all the particulars of the matter. Yours faithfully,


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