Моя будущая профессия /english/

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Моя будущая профессия /english/

My future profession

My future profession is engineer in area of computer systems of the control. This method of engineering are applied in several fields not connected directly to manufacture and construction. It is based on the systems modelling of the production operations.

For this necessary knowledges as in the field of computers, so and in the field of mechanical engineers, and also many other technical knowledges.

Due to it I have a very big the range for choice of professional activity. Single that I know for sure - my work will is connected with the computer. Nowadays the major trend in modern offices is computerization. Use of the computer is a very efficient in production. Because of it we can immediately understand how object was designed. And if this necessary, possible it is improved. Thereby possible to spare much time and money.

Besides in our professions necessary not only skill to control separate processes, but also production as a whole. Necessary correct figar out work of all production objects, and also сoordinate actions of workers in this system. At present, use the computer technologies allows powerfully to shorten the amount of workers that is to say automate the production. Exactly automation of production is one of the the main problems of my future profession. And only highly skilled specialists are capable execute this problem.

At present I learn in Technological University. In process of education I already got the experience of the use of the computer for performing the tasks. To example, I carry out all drawings with help of the computer. Drawing on paper requires much more time, but result is got much worse.

In the future I hope that my experience in work with the computer will help me to find the get useful and interesting work connected with my profession.

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