Первый опыт работы /english/

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Первый опыт работы /english/

First experience in work
        I am almost nineteen years old but I tried myself in earning money only week ago. My friend, being occupied in this area for approximately two years, helped me to find the work of estimator. It's not difficult for me to execute it. Everything is very simple. The merchandise is brought and I have only to check if it works properly and estimate merchandise according to the test. But in order that to avoid mistakes I should previously carefully learn the corresponding prices and certainly should be well acquainted with the pawnbroker's shop's rules. I am not absolutely assured in my actions yet but I am gradually learning and trying to do my best.
        The regime of the work is divided in halve by four hours in each other. I usually work in the second shift after institute. Fortunately according to the time-table of my studdings I almost miss no lectures and seminars except sometimes English and Philosophy. It is very hard to put together work and studdings, to make all homework, be prepared for seminars and sometimes even for lectures and in the same time orient myself in the work sphere. But I suppose that the case is in the habit and after a month of the work I'll adapted for this style of living like other people.
        I believe that the absolute action's freedom is the real merit of this work. Namely if in some space of time there are no clients I can do anything I want. For example, in such cases I often make my homework, in particular I'm writing this treatise now. But unfortunately there are not only merits on the work. The problem is hidden in the question of the wage. The salary is determined as two percent from the common volume of all received by me goods. But the clients don't come very often, approximately 3-4 times per day. According to that my wage is very poor yet. But we are going to develop our business and I hope that the complete success is waiting for us.

P.S. The money is the most terrible curse of the human vain being.

Performed by Moskalenko Anthony,
Student of the group И-3-4.
1998 year.

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