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Библиотекарь /english/

Confidential Profession
        I want to attract yours attention to the work widespread all over the world. I suppose that you meet the person representing this profession at least twice a month especially in the institute.
        To execute correctly this work a man should be well prepared. There are not many institutes occupied in preparing this kind of specialists in Moscow. For example, The University of Culture where is the accordant faculty. The students wanting to be *** must learn history, philosophy, psychology, culturology, history of *** and others but the most important are the first five subjects. By the way my friend is the student of this faculty. But I don't think that he entered the University being moved by the desire to become a *** probably he had just no choice. I so doubt about his real purposes because of the miserable condition in which the people occupied in this area live. The people either work on their enthusiasm or being moved by the extreme poverty.
        So according to the stated above I should not recommend this profession for the person wanting to earn a fortune but for the patriot wishing to support our country and to help our children to enter into a life as educated and nondown-to-earth individual.

Performed by Moskalenko Anthony,
Student of the group И-3-4.
1998 year.

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