Youth Problems

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Youth Problems

Youth Problems

One of the actual youth problems is hardness to get an education. A lot of young people think that education is inaccessible because of lack of money. They would like to get a high education, but it could be very difficult to enter the university or very expensive.

Unemployment is another great problem among youth. Difficulty which young people face is to find a good job after graduation. It is hard to find a well paid job, you must have connections everywhere. Young people are discriminated against when they seek a job, for they are inexperienced. It is also hard to find a job according to your qualifications, good jobs are hard to come by.

Problem of unemployment leads to material problems. Young people have to pay for everything, they have needs, they have to pay their bills and etc., but they don't have enough money. Almost all of young people face to shortage of money.

The housing problem is still unsolved. Usually young people have no chance to buy or to rent an apartment because of soaring of real estate prices. No housing and no hopes to get it. They have to live unsettled life in hard conditions. Some of them have even nowhere to live. Lack of your own dwelling (жилище, дом) prevents to create young families.

Alcoholism and drug-addiction is a relatively new problem but it is becoming more and more dangerous. Millions of young people today are using drugs. Usually they want just to try it, starting with light drugs like marijuana. Then they can’t stop and after year may be two years they will die. Drug-addiction is a disease. Drug and alcohol consumption can destroy individual’s life. Another problem is alcoholism. The reason, some people suppose, is that vodka, beer, wine are easily available and inexpensive. Early alcoholism is caused by beer-addiction. Also problem is bad habits such as smoking especially among adolescents. 

Family problems appeared in resent time in dysfunctional families where not enough love and warmth. Lack of attention from parents results in conflicts with children.  Problem is also a generation gap (пропасть). Every new generation is different from the one that preceded it. Today the differences are especially considerable. The adults always believe that they know best only because of their greater life’s experience. They don't want their values to be doubted. The young, on the other hand, are questioning the assumptions of the adults, they suspect that the world created by their predecessors was not the best one.

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