Тема: The mathematical sciences

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  • The faculty of mathematics of Irkutsk State University
    6. The first dean of the mathematical faculty was Professor Vladimir Vasilyev. 7. In 1959 a...
    ...Vasilyev, a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences . 12. Students are trained in three specialities; they are mathematics, applied...
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  • Pierre-Simon Laplace
    Laplace served on many of the committees of the Académie des Sciences , for example Lagrange wrote to him in 1782 saying that work on his Traité de mécanique...
    ...of these actions must serve as the basis of the mathematical theory of these phenomena.
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  • David Hilbert
    ...friends there was Minkowski, who was also a doctoral student at Königsberg, and they were to strongly influence each others mathematical progress.
    Hilbert received many honours. In 1905 the Hungarian Academy of Sciences gave a special citation...
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  • A Family of Scientists
    George Boole was born in 1815; he is famous for his works an the field of mathematical analysis.
    ...had five daughters, the eldest daughter Mary married C.Hinton who was a well-known mathematician, inventor and author of science -fiction books.
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  • Johannes Kepler
    In principle this included the four mathematical sciences : arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music.
    In particular, Koestler seems not to have had the mathematical expertise to understand Kepler's procedures.
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  • Plato
    ...of thinner and thinner lines which are tending in the limit to the mathematical concept of a line but, of course, never reaching it.
    ... the exact sciences - arithmetic, plane and solid geometry, astronomy, and harmonics - would first be...
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  • Epistemology and methodology: main trends and ends. (Эпистемология и Методология...
    ...by the aid of which the sciences are built up. In a wide sense, any mode of investigation by which scientific or other...
    ...say in the study of light, mathematical (i.e., deductive) calculations precede and suggest physical experiments (i.e...
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