Тема: Base and Superstructure

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  • Modern English Word-Formation
    ...as pseudo–, super–, ultra–, uni–, bi– and some others (e. g. pseudo-classical, superstructure , ultra-violence, unilateral, bifocal, etc.).
    Suffixes usually modify the lexical meaning of the base and transfer words to a different part of speech.
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  • Modern dialectical materialism
    ...is the basis, but the various elements of the superstructure —political forms of the class struggle and its results, to wit: constitutions...
    In place of biography, they venerate heroes. And they generally substitute kin- based behavioral...
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  • The Science Of Grammar
    ...unless you faithfully lay the foundation for the future orator, whatever superstructure you raise will tumble into ruins.
    fancy, and not according to use. But, 'Nothing can be lasting,' says Curtius, (Lib. iv,) 'which is not based upon reason.'
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    It defined oligarchy as a political system which is based on a property qualification: at the power there rich, and poor men do not participate in...
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    Back formation may be also based on the analogy of inflectional forms as testified by the...
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  • Biopolitics in Russia: History and Prospects for the Future
    ...conference on "The Infrastructure and Superstructure of the European Market: Implications for the Next Two Decades" (St. Moritz, Switzerland, August 26-28, 1991). Based on discussions at this meeting, the Gruter Institute organized a conference...
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